Sunday, August 10, 2008

Eggs....over easy

So, I'm ovulating. As I speak (or type as it were). Each month, when I feel the familiar twinges I can't help but think to myself, well that's one more egg down the drain. A couple of years ago Shelby and I attempted to get pregnant via AI. We did medicated IUI's but, after 6 attempts, we gave up. I regret that. It should have worked. My eggs were good. My fsh levels were great. My uterine lining was perfect each time they looked at it. My tubes were open. I had two sucessful pregnancies in the past. All of these things add up to a perfectly fertile woman. But it didn't work. I terribly want to experience pregnancy one more time. I just feel like I'm not done. Shelby is done - she does not want to go through the AI again. She hates the heartbreak that goes along with each failed attempt. I get it. I do. I just wish I could get her to change her mind. day.

But, right now, I am ovulating. In two weeks my period will start. And I will be that much closer to the time when it will all stop. Then it will be too late. All over. That makes me sad.

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Amanda said...

This made me so sad. I hope you have the chance you are hoping for!