Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Motherhood Is Not For Pussies

This morning.

Me (standing at the side of Robbie's bed): Robbie...get up and finish getting ready for school. It's getting late.

Robbie: Mom, my stomach hurts. I'm staying home.

Me: Do you want some medicine?

Robbie: No. I just want to lay here for a few minutes.

Me: *SIGH*

note - to be fair, I really am concerned when my kids don't feel well, but see, this is a very common complaint from Robbie

Shelby: Robbie, get up and get ready for school. I have some medicine here that will make your stomach feel much better.

Robbie: Okay. *swallows pill*

15 minutes later Robbie and Shelby head out the door to school. Later, Shelby tells me that Robbie told her on the drive to school that his stomach was feeling so much better after that pill. Then she smirked at me. I looked at her like, "what??" "That miracle stomach pill I gave Robbie...was a Vitamin D tablet."

We then share a hearty "ha ha we pulled one over on the teen-ager" laughs.