Friday, June 20, 2008

This old man...

So, last night Shelby and I decided to participate in a counter-protest. This is not something that we typically do. However, a local hate group (under the guise of a "religious group") protests gay rights every Thursday night. Being the good homosexuals that we are, we felt that we should get out there and protest the protestors! Things were going really well....both sides were being civil to one another, "hellos" and "how are you?" were exchanged as each person made their way to their respective side of the street. We grabbed a couple of signs that the counter-protest organizers had made and held them up facing the busy intersection.

Fairly quickly we began receiving honks and yells of support. Thumbs up and peace signs were flashed out car windows. Honestly, I got warm fuzzies from it all. It was fabulous!!

Then this happened....

Yep. That's a man (bum?) standing in a puddle of his own urine....after having relieved himself on a lovely old broad daylight....on a VERY busy street.

I'm still laughing about this.

So then, on the way home, we were driving along - it's dark - and what lumbers across the road in front of me? A bear. A BIG black bear. I miss hiting it (thank God) and we travel on. No more than 3 minutes later a red fox runs out into the road. Because of my fantastic driving abilities we miss hitting the critter. Approximately 2 minutes later - yeah, I know, this is getting silly. Believe me, we thought the same thing - a skunk runs out in front of me. Didn't hit it THANK GODDDDDD!!!

Yeah, it was an interesting evening.

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